You don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a criminal lawyer.

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I can take the road and I can fuck it all away
But in this twilight, our choices seal our fate.

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Theo Rossi: The last time we saw Juice, he was taking people out and hiding evidence. He has the biggest secret ever been told in this world hidden in his cerebrum here. So, what’s gonna happen? Where is he? He’s probably shaking somewhere—-
Kim Coates: He’s not playing shuffleboard anywhere, let’s say that.
TR: —hiding He’s not in the spa hanging out.

He’s not supposed to be in a motorcycle club. He’s too good of a guy. This is a tough world for him. Every time he tries to kinda make things right, he makes it a hundred times worse…The truth is, I’ve used the word “floating” a lot; I think Juice has become one of the most dangerous people on the show because he’s floating and he has a ton of information and that makes him dangerous. [x] 


pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?

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Jax’s hair pulled back appreciation post

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- What are you going to miss most about [Juice]?
- Everything. I’ve gotten to play a character on television where I can play every single human emotion possible. From comedy to loyalty to depression to anxiety to murderous rage to everything. So I just think the fact that I’ve gotten to explore all that has been pretty amazing. [x]

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Theo Rossi: Look at that, Charlie, you ready for a couple of those?
Charlie Hunnam: [laughs] Fuck no!

Sons of Anarchy, 3x13 commentary.

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